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Quantitative analysis of cannabinoids in commercially available cannabis seeds
by Matsunaga T, Watanabe K, Yoshimura H, Yamamoto I


delta 9-Tetrahydrocannabinol (delta 9-THC), cannabinol, cannabidiol and cannabichromene were detected in commercially available cannabis seeds by silica gel TLC and gas chromatography. These cannabinoids existed in rather high content (0.10-2.02 mg/100 g of seeds) in the feed for birds especially bracts (82.3-441 mg/100 g). When the suspension prepared from the benzene washing solution of cannabis seeds, BenW, was administered at a dose of 3 mg/kg corresponding to delta 9-THC into a mouse, i.v., BenW caused hypothermia, catalepsy, pentobarbital-induced sleep prolongation and suppression of locomotor activity. These pharmacological activities of BenW were significantly higher than those of delta 9-THC (3 mg/kg, i.v.). These results may indicate the necessity to reconsider the present regulations on marihuana.