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Kif in Morocco
by Nahas GG, Zeidenberg P, Lefebure C.


Chronic cannabis intoxication of a significant fraction of the male population still prevails in Morocco. The preparation used (kif) is a powder made from the dried flower of the female plant. It contains 2 to 3% THC and is smoked mixed with tobacco (1/3 of the mixture). Cultivation of kif is tolerated in an area of 60 square miles in the high Rif mountain of Northern Morocco, where it constitutes the main cash crop of the local farmers. A significant percentage (50%?) of the men in the area also consume kif regularly. This cultivation is spreading to neighboring areas. Moroccan health authorities claim that cannabis intoxication represents a major health hazard. There exist little data correlating chronic usage of kif with pathological states in these areas of large production and consumption. This dearth of information due to lack of local medical personnel could be alleviated by a combined medical and ethnological study.

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