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Air Force Forbids Use Of Legal Hemp Seed Oil

Washington, D.C. Air Force personnel may no longer use hemp seed oil products because military drug tests can not distinguish between the legal product and marijuana, the Air Force Print News reported.

NORML board member Don Wirtshafter of The Ohio Hempery criticized the military's ban on legal hemp oil products. "This is not a health issue," he said. "The onus is on the drug testing industry and the employers. They are the ones putting out a faulty product that is not able to differentiate between legal consumption of hemp products and the illegal consumption of drugs."

Studies reported in The Journal of Analytical Toxicology demonstrate that regular users of hemp seed oil may test positive for low levels of THC. This outcome is because trace amounts of THC-bearing flower parts sometimes adhere to the sterile seeds' outer shell. Military courts acquitted a pair of officers last year of charges they smoked marijuana after hearing evidence that they consumed hemp seed oil. "In the interest of military readiness, good order and discipline, active duty, Reserve and Air National Guard members are now prohibited from consuming any products containing hemp seed oil," Lt. Col. Greg Girard told the Air Force news wire service. He said that consumption of the products "effectively interferes" with the agency's ability to maintain a drug free force because personnel could use them to mask their use of marijuana.

Hemp health products, such as hemp seed oil, are sold in nutrition stores and praised for their high concentrations of amino and fatty acids.

Previously, the Hawaii Transportation Association and the New York City Department of Transportation warned employees that they will not accept hemp seed oil consumption as an excuse for a positive drug test.

For more information, please contact either Don Wirtshafter of The Ohio Hempery @ (740) 662-4367 or Allen St. Pierre of The NORML Foundation @ (202) 483-8751.

Source: Cannabis News
Date: 12 February 1999