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Cannabis tips lead to apology

Presenters on a gardening programme apologised to listeners yesterday after they gave a caller advice on cultivating cannabis.

Frieda Morrison and Jim McColl were asked for tips on using a propagator for a hybrid of cannabis called Northern Lights on their Radio Scotland show, Beechgrove Potting Shed.

However, they thought the caller, a man who said he was from Perth, had asked for advice on cabbages and, as there is a variety of cabbage called Northern Lights, they spent three minutes detailing how best to nurture his plants, including the use of soil nutrients and temperature control.

"We thought the caller had said cabbages and if you look it up on the internet there is a variety called the Northern Lights," said Frieda Morrison yesterday. "So this is where the confusion started and all the way through the interview we were talking about cabbages.

"It is a very busy programme and we made an honest mistake."

Strathclyde police said they were investigating with a view to identifying the caller.

Cannabis has been reclassified as a class C drug.
Source: The Guardian
Date: 4 February 2004

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